All.Can Global Summit

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2021 online

Am 27. Mai fand der All.Can Global Summit unter dem Titel "Improving efficiency in cancer care through multi-stakeholder collaboration" virtuell statt. Der Event Report ist nun zum Download erhältlich.

"Improving efficiency in cancer care through multi-stakeholder collaboration" on 27 May 2021, 15:00 - 17:15 (CEST)

The OECD estimates that a significant share of health spending is at best ineffective and at worst, wasteful – evidence suggests that up to 20% of health spending could be channeled towards better use[1]. Achieving greater efficiency allows freeing up resources that can be used to provide treatment and care that deliver the most benefit to patients, while mitigating the burden on the healthcare system and society. It involves examining what system inefficiencies exist, sharing and scaling best practices, developing evidence-based recommendations and helping to implement concrete policy actions based on these findings.

The Summit brought together over 200 stakeholders from 37 countries and six continents, including patients and patient associations, healthcare professionals, policymakers and public authorities, industry representatives, academics and other experts. Keynote presentations and panel discussions focused on how efficiency can be improved across the cancer care continuum, and how data can best be used to transform cancer care.

The Summit also saw the launch of All.Can’s new policy report, ‘Harnessing data for better cancer care’. The report assesses how to optimise the collection and use of data across the entire cancer care pathway to improve outcomes for all people with cancer. It also offers policymakers, care providers, patients, and decision-makers forward-looking recommendations on how to ensure that high-quality health data are systematically collected and used to improve care and patient outcomes.

Der Event Report und der Policy Report stehen weiter unten zum Download bereit.

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